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Sudafrica e Italia: opportunità di collaborazione nel settore dei materiali compositi

South Africa and Italy: Opportunities for Co-operation in the Composite Materials Sector

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Opportunities in the Advanced Materials Sector in South Africa:  A Cross-sectoral Technology

Composite materials are an essential component of modern life and modern industry. Made up through the combination of various materials such as plastics and resins, and other reinforcing fibres such as glass, carbon or other natural fibres, they are a key technology for transporting water, food and people, the production of renewable energy and for connecting people via the phone or the internet.

Composites are ideal for reducing the weight of cars, aircraft, trains and boats, as well as increasing strength and durability. Unlike metals, composites don’t rust and are therefore the ideal material for developing and diversifying South Africa’s Economy, and its Oceans Economy drive through the production of boats, oil & gas installations, wind turbines, deep sea mining equipment, maritime patrol aircraft, aquaculture cages, waterfronts and harbours. Additionally, composite materials can be used in the development of vehicles, trains, and the aerospace sector.

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